Why Should You Get General Insurance

Whichever country you live in, enrolling to an insurance plan is important thing everyone must do. General insurance plans protect you from losses and damages caused by the natural and manmade damages.  It protects you against robbery, thefts, fire, expensive medical costs etc. There are several categories of general insurances. Each category has its own benefits. You should know the benefits of each plan before deciding not to enrol in it.

  • Protects your house – House in India is an important asset. People tend to spend their entire spending on building their houses and maintain the same. In case there are any damages to your house, the insurance plans provide coverages for all the in and out of house damages at any point in time.
  • Coverages for your accidents – If you are a car owner and not having an insurance plan for your vehicle, you will be paying penalties for not having a plan. The insurance covers all the damages to your vehicles and provides coverages to the damages from the third party.
  • Travel insurer – When you plan for your travel, you make sure that you will reach the destination on time and will there with all luggage. However, sometimes you end up losing your luggage and the delay in the flight disrupts your entire trip planning. The travel insurance protects you from such circumstances.
  • Covers for your medical expenses – With the growing medical expenses and skyrocketing inflation, it is important to secure yourself and your family to a medical insurance plan. The medical insurance ensures cashless transactions at any network of hospitals covered under the plan. The insurance plans cover pre and post hospitalization expenses, expenses related to surgery and critical illnesses, Hospital rents, regular check-ups etc.


There are other common types of insurance plans are there in the market such as commercial insurance, cyber insurance etc. You should enrol in an insurance plan to protect all your assets.

Top 5 General Insurance Companies in India

The insurance industry in India is highly competitive but only 20{da8fbb6cec579783da90aec59ad0367aed960aa2007b695d53addf5686f2a342} of Indians are insured with any insurance plan. This leaves the insurance companies with a wide scope to grow. With time, the insurance companies are coming up best insurance plans. When you consider choosing an insurance plan, you should first look at the plans offered by the below general insurance companies.

New India Assurance Company Limited – Government of India runs it, has presence in 22 countries, and has around 1600 offices in India. It has a good claim settlement ratio and has a variety of insurance provided under many categories.

National Insurance Company Limited – It is the oldest insurance provider in India and is known for the hassle free claim settlement process.

L&T General Insurance Company – It is one of the most recommended insurance providers and trusted by most of its customers.

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited – It is one of the best general insurance providers in India. You get to choose and enrol to the insurance plan online by getting the free quotes. It also offers you a variety of insurance plans with discounts.

United India Insurance Company Limited –The insurance company is known for the claim settlement ratio it has in the record and for the variety of plans it offers in each of its categories.


Most Popular Plans in General Insurance

Amongst the various plans offered by different insurance providers, Motor insurance plan is the most popular insurance in India as many people now days are getting their vehicle and according to the government of India, it is mandatory for a car owner to have an insurance plan for their vehicles. There are a few famous insurance plans in this car insurance category.

Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance – It offers you RSA and lock Key policies, instant policy issuance, Claim assistance and SMS updates on your claim settlements

Bharti AXA car Plan – special feature in this plan include instant claim assistance on your motor claim status.  Add on covers include zero depreciation, roadside assistance plan, NCB protector etc.

HDFC ERGO Car insurance plan – Special features in this plan include occupation and age discounts, comprehensive support through customer service.

Future general car Insurance plan – Laptop and mobile theft is covered under this insurance plan. Add on covers include zero depreciation, roadside assistance and many more.

General insurance plan is best chosen, when you compare all the available insurance plans from all insurance providers on Coverfox and choose a plan according to your requirements. You should buy a plan today and secure everything you have.